Remark: In 2020, due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Kangaroo problems were solved by the participants in very different ways. The numbers given on this page may not reflect the true participation and must be handled with care. More detailed information for a certain country may be provided by the local organizer.

Afghanistan (AF)

Albania (AL)

Algeria (DZ)

Argentina (AR)

Armenia (AM)

Australia (AU)

Austria (AT)

Azerbaijan (AZ)

Belarus (BY)

Belgium (BE)

Bolivia (BO)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)

Brazil (BR)

Bulgaria (BG)

Cambodia (KH)

Canada (CA)

Catalonia (CT)

Chile (CL)

China (CN)

Colombia (CO)

Costa Rica (CR)

Croatia (HR)

Cyprus (CY)

Czech Republic (CZ)

Denmark (DK)

Dominican Republic (DO)

Ecuador (EC)

Egypt (EG)

Estonia (EE)

Finland (FI)

France (FR)

Georgia (GE)

In 2020, the member representing Georgia changed.

Germany (DE)

Ghana (GH)

In 2021, the member representing Ghana changed.

Greece (GR)

Hong Kong (HK)

Hungary (HU)

India (IN)

Indonesia (ID)

In 2020, the member representing Indonesia changed.

Iran (IR)

Iraq (IQ)

In 2021, the member representing Iraq changed.

Ireland (IE)

In 2023, the member representing Irland changed.

Israel (IL)

Italy (IT)

Jamaica (JM)

In 2021, the member representing Jamaica changed.

Jordan (JO)

Kazakhstan (KZ)

Kenya (KE)

Kosovo (XK)

Kuwait (KW)

Kyrgyzstan (KG)

Latvia (LV)

Lithuania (LT)

Malaysia (MY)

Mexico (MX)

Moldova (MD)

Mongolia (MN)

Montenegro (ME)

Morocco (MA)

Mozambique (MZ)

Myanmar (MM)

Netherlands (NL)

New Zealand (NZ)

Nigeria (NG)

North Macedonia (MK)

Norway (NO)

Pakistan (PK)

Palestine (PS)

Panama (PA)

Paraguay (PY)

Peru (PE)

In 2019, the member representing Peru changed.

Philippines (PH)

Poland (PL)

Portugal (PT)

Puerto Rico (PR)

Republic of China (Taiwan) (TW)

Romania (RO)

Russia (RU)

Saudi Arabia (SA)

Serbia (RS)

Singapore (SG)

Slovakia (SK)

Slovenia (SI)

South Africa (ZA)

South Korea (KR)

Spain (ES)

In 2022, the member representing Spain changed.

Sweden (SE)

Switzerland (CH)

Tajikistan (TJ)

Tanzania (TZ)

Thailand (TH)

Tunisia (TN)

Turkey (TK)

Uganda (UG)

Ukraine (UA)

United Arab Emirates (AE)

United Kingdom (UK)

United States (US)

Uruguay (UY)

Uzbekistan (UZ)

Venezuela (VE)

Vietnam (VN)

Zambia (ZM)